The Box Office

How did it get started ?

The holding company known as Labe Properties cc was founded in 1988 by Mr Jacobus Visser and his son Jimmy Visser. Their main line of business was Industrial property developement up until 2005. In 1998 Jimmy started doing the lesser known sport of Freestyle Jet skiing with his son, James Visser. By 2001 both Jimmy and James started competing internationally with Jimmy finishing the year being no.1 in the world and James no.3 in the world. 2002 ended with Jimmy again no.1 in the world and James moving up to no.2. 2003 saw James moving into no.1 spot and Jimmy in no.2. For the next few years Jimmy and James travelled to various competitions around the world, always finishing with either one of them in 1st or 2nd ranking. It was in 2005 when Jimmy and James travelled to a competition in California USA where they first saw the idea of Storage Units. The local with whom they stayed sent them to collected a Moto Home from a Self-Storage facility, and Jimmy’s eyes lit up with the possibilities of Self Storage back home in KZN.
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Once back in Pinetown, Jimmy quickly moved on establishing a Self-Storage facility in the Westmead area and brought James in to Construct and Manage the day to day business. They named it Lock Up Storage and upon reaching capacity at 6600m2 rental area, James started another facility in New Germany with 4500m2 rental area completing construction at the end of 2019. During 2018 they also decided to build a ‘Flexi Office’ building out of 30 shipping containers, providing 450m2 of month to month office space which they named ‘The Box Office’.